First Drip (10/20/14): CMPD collecting data from innocents, Nigeria declared Ebola-free, more



The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department uses surveillance equipment to collect information from cell phones and other wireless devices when investigating crimes, but also collects information from innocent people. Councilman John Autry spoke to the obvious breach of the Constitution. “The thought of police or another agency collecting data on communications devices is troubling. I understand the balance between security and privacy, but I think we should honor the privacy protection in the Constitution. … What happens to the data? Who sees it? Who has access to it?”

The future of the Bojangles Arena is still up in the air. The company in talks with the city for over a year to redevelop the arena is still trying to secure financing. GoodSports has had issues with financing redevelopments in other states, but it says it's having no such problems here.

Some good news in the fight against Ebola: Nigeria has been declared free of the disease after six weeks of no new cases. The illness is still ravaging Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.

Hong Kong leaders are blaming recent pro-democracy protests in the area on "external forces." "Chief executive CY Leung’s comments came after violent clashes in Mong Kok at the weekend where police used batons and pepper spray to disperse protestors. At least 20 were injured." He refused to name the external forces.

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