First Drip (10/14/14): About 60 same-sex couples applied for marriage licenses yesterday, Cannon to be sentenced, more



The Mecklenburg County Register of Deeds granted about 60 marriage licenses to same-sex couples yesterday. Emotions were high outside of the government building, as many couples chose to wed right then and there. The Charlotte Pride Band serenaded the crowd with traditional wedding songs, drowning out the one or two protesters who showed up. Look for more coverage in this week's CL.

Today former Mayor Patrick Cannon will learn just how much jail time he will serve after he plead guilty for accepting bribes while in office (literally). Some say he'll serve up to five years, but it's up to the judge to decide. Along with being the youngest person to ever join City Council, Cannon will also go down in local history as the first elected official to be sentenced to prison.

Everybody chill: Scientists have ruled out the possibility of Ebola becoming a super-pathogen, i.e.: a terrifying virus that usurps protective gear and could even become airborne. "The Ebola viruses buffeting West Africa today are not fundamentally different from those in previous outbreaks, they say. And it is highly unlikely that natural selection will give the viruses the ability to spread more easily, particularly by becoming airborne. 'I’ve been dismayed by some of the nonsense speculation out there,' said Edward Holmes, a biologist at the University of Sydney in Australia." A man in Germany recently died from the disease.

A mysterious unmanned plane on a secret mission for the Air Force will return to Earth. The X-37B is expected to land in California. It took off from Cape Canaveral in December 2012.

USA Today's sports section gave Hornets owner Michael Jordan some love. Saying he's becoming a great team owner, the columnist argues Jordan also knows when and where to exude his MJ power. The team has also been recruiting some good players as of late, changing more than just perceptions of a franchise once deemed the worst in league history.

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