First Drip (10/13/14): Amendment One repealed, Dallas health worker contracts Ebola, more


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Amendment One was repealed on Friday, making way for thousands of couples across North Carolina to marry. The Mecklenburg County Register of Deeds was already closed by the time the decision came but will begin issuing licenses today.

A health worker in Dallas, Texas, who cared for the man who died of Ebola upon his return from Africa has tested positive for the disease. Though the nurse was wearing protective gear, the CDC's director said there was a breach in protocol at the hospital that could have led to contamination. He said more workers could turn up positive for the disease. The governor of Louisiana is seeking a restraining order against the waste from the deceased Ebola patient from entering a landfill in the state.

A correctional officer says Oscar Pistorius, the South African athlete who was found guilty of culpable homicide in his girlfriend's death, shouldn't go to jail and should instead serve house arrest and community service. Naturally that didn't sit well with a few people.

Well this is terrifying. Women from a cult in China that believes Jesus Chris has returned in the form of a Chinese woman and that promotes Doomsday scenarios murdered a woman they were trying to recruit, inside a McDonalds. "According to prosecutors, five members tried to recruit a woman patronizing the McDonald’s in question, and asked for her phone number. When she refused, they beat her to death. Zhang Lidong, who arrived that night riding a luxury Porsch Cayenne car, never offered much explanation. 'My daughter said you could just tell she was not a good person,' he said in a state television interview, describing the 35-year-old mother. 'She was a demon, the evil spirit. We had to beat her to death.'”


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