First Drip (10/1/14): Student wounded after school shooting in N.C., Ebola patient diagnosed in U.S., more



Albemarle, North Carolina, which is about an hour away from Charlotte, experienced a true nightmare yesterday when a high school student allegedly took a gun to school and shot and injured another student after an altercation. The student is in stable condition, and the alleged shooter turned himself in. Look in next week's CL for more coverage of the shooting.

This year the state received nearly 50 percent fewer charter school applications than it has in previous years. Experts attribute an increase in application fees and/or a different deadline.

An unidentified man in Dallas, Texas, is the first person in the U.S. to be diagnosed with Ebola. The man had recently traveled from West Africa to Texas to visit his family and is critically ill. "Dr. Tom Frieden, the CDC director, vowed to 'stop Ebola in its tracks' by identifying everyone who came into contact with the patient since he became contagious. Each of those people will be watched for signs of illness, including sudden fever, and if they develop them will be placed in isolation to prevent further spread of the disease."

Police spent hours interrogating the wife of a Los Angeles County mayor who is suspected of killing Bell County Mayor Daniel Crespo. Police finally released Levette Crespo.

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