First Drip (9/19/14): Another charter school closes, the 'Angelina effect,' more



Levine Properties will develop a 3.2-acre park along Brevard Street, between ImaginOn and UNC Charlotte’s center city building. The first new project for the company in years, it is expected to be completed by 2016. Read about Levine's plans for that old Treloar House.

Yet another charter school has unexpectedly closed for good.All of Concrete Roses STEM Academy's 126 students will have to find alternatives. The school is located on McAlpine Park Drive in east Charlotte.

A resounding 87 percent of voting-age Scots went to the polls yesterday to decide whether to remain with the U.K. The results? A vast majority decided to stay. British Prime Minister David Cameron has vowed to give Edinburgh more autonomy.

A man in Florida shot and killed his daughter and six grandchildren before shooting himself. Don Charles Spirit, 51, called police after he killed his family, but turned the gun on himself before police could arrive.

Here's on instance in which a celebrity did some serious good. After Angelina Jolie penned an op-ed in the New York Times describing her decision to get tested for the breast cancer gene, more woman have gone to their doctors for screenings. "Dubbed the 'Angelina Effect,' the numbers undergoing screening increased by two and a half times compared to the same period last year, after the star revealed she underwent a double mastectomy after testing positive for a BRCA1 gene mutation."

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