First Drip (9/9/14): City Council extends streetcar, video incriminates Ray Rice, more



City Council once again voted in favor of the controversial streetcar, at last night's meeting. Members approved a $150 million extension plan despite concerns over rising costs. Republicans Kenny Smith and Ed Driggs voted against the measure, as did Democrats Claire Fallon and Michael Barnes.

A Dutch reports claims a large number of outside fragments, or what could have been a "proximity" warhead, brought down a Malaysia Airline flight in July over pro-Russian rebel-held parts of Ukraine that killed about 230 people mostly from the Netherlands.

Had it not been for a TMZ video showing him knocking out his then-fiance, Ray Rice would have played the next Baltimore Raven's game, against Cleveland. "A man who hit a woman so hard he dropped her like a rag doll and left her lifeless-looking body face down on the elevator floor for several moments — before trying to clear her feet of the elevator door as if she were a cumbersome piece of furniture he was moving — was supposed to go to work like every other American in two weeks’ time."

Municipal courts are to be reformed, a police review board added, in Ferguson, Missouri, after a white police officers shot and killed a black, unarmed 18-year-old, a death heard 'round the world. Ferguson City Council will hold public hearings to gather more ideas for change.

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