First Drip (9/8/14): Duke to build eight natural gas plants, destroying ISIS will take years, more



Duke Energy will still rely heavily on fossil fuels to supply the Carolinas with energy over the next 15 years but will incorporate more natural gas into the mix. The company recently released its 15-year plan, which says it will build eight natural gas plants between 2015 and 2029.

North Carolina regulators apparently forgot to make sure employers of construction workers who received federal assistance in 2009 adhered "to a host of labor laws and tax codes directing employers to pay unemployment taxes and to withhold federal and state income taxes and Social Security taxes from workers’ paychecks."

Destroying ISIS could take until the end of President Obama's term. The just-announced campaign includes air strikes, which are currently underway, and training Iraqi military, Kurdish fighters and possibly some Sunni tribes. The last leg of the campaign, which would destroy the army in its hideout in Syria, will likely be executed by the next president. Why ISIS may not be as powerful as we think.

British markets aren't sure if Scotland will, indeed, declare itself independent from the United Kingdom. In other British news, Kate and Will are expecting their second child.

Would you use an artificial heart?

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