First Drip (9/5/14): Murder suspect found under bed, former Virginia governor guilty of corruption, more



In a most perverse version of hide and go seek, police found a murder suspect in Statesville hiding under a bed not far from where he had committed the crime. Troyshawn Nicholas Williams is accused of killing Keith Levan Keaton Jr. Williams left Keaton's home after their altercation but allegedly returned to shoot him.

Eight reporters in seven states spent a year digging into employee treatment of contract workers and found that by treating many construction workers as independent contractors, thereby depriving them of government-mandated benefits, taxpayers are left to pay billions each year.

Comedian Joan Rivers died yesterday after complications from a surgery. She was 81.

A former Virginia governor and his wife have been found guilty of public corruption. Bob McDonnell and his wife face serious prison time and hefty fines. "With their verdict, jurors accepted the prosecution's argument that the McDonnells wrongfully used their position to promote a company, then known as Star Scientific Inc., by arranging meetings for founder Jonnie Williams Sr. with state officials and hosting events at the governor's mansion."

Nevada offered Tesla $1.3 billion in incentives to build a battery factory in Reno that is expected to generate 22,000 jobs and pump $100 million into the state's economy over 20 years. The company passed up offers from Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California.

Apparently the woman who claimed to have been raped in uptown lied.

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