First Drip (9/3/14): Innocent Lumberton brothers exonerated, mentally ill victims of Nazis memorialized, more



A powerful story out of Lumberton, North Carolina today. A judge exonerated two brothers who had been behind bars for 31 years for allegedly gang raping and killing an 11-year-old girl after DNA tests showed neither of them had anything to do with the vicious crimes, which were actually committed by a known sexual predator.

The Islamic State released a video that shows another American journalist being beheaded, a tactic the group has used in response to the U.S. air strikes against its insurgents in Iraq and Syria. The videos also warns of another murder, against a British citizen. Here's a little more on who Sotloff was.

Some 300,000 mentally ill and intellectually disabled people who died at the hands of Nazis under Hitler - the first demographic targeted by the regime - have finally been memorialized, in Berlin. A 79-foot-long wall of blue tinted glass stands at the spot where doctors plotted to kill them through a program known as "operation T4."

Problems continue to plague Fukushima. Worker decommissioning the nuclear plant in Japan are suing Tepco, the plant's operator, over unpaid hazard wages. Four men are demanding the U.S. dollar equivalent of $620,000.

Some exasperating news for chronic dieters. Apparently it doesn't matter what kind of diet you are on - as long as you stick to it and exercise, you should be good.

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