First Drip (8/29/14): Flaws found in airport's handling of contracts, ISIS waterboards captives, more



Well this will certainly add fuel to Raleigh's fire. A new report shows Charlotte Douglas International Airport's lack of administrative oversight has cost it dearly. The airport undercharged the city for land it rents by as much as a million dollars and has mishandled other contracts.

DENR won't sue Duke Energy over new allegations of pollution at three coal ash sites around the state. DENR's decision "clears the way for environmentalists to sue in federal court to enforce clean-water laws that they contend the state agency is failing to pursue aggressively enough."

In what some are calling the largest humanitarian crisis of our era, three million Syrians have fled their homes because of a civil war that has killed civilians either by force or by starvation. The violence has also displaced an additional 6.5 million within the country.

California could become the first state to require its college campuses to include "affirmative-consent language" into their definitions of consensual sex in an effort to curb sexual attacks at schools. The "yes means yes" bill unanimously passed the Senate and will go before the governor in September.

Apparently ISIS is waterboarding captives.

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