First Drip (8/25/14): Calvary Church pastor on administrative leave, Napa recovers from earthquake, more



The pastor at Calvary Church, one of Charlotte's most noted church's, was put on paid administrative leave following a human resources complaint. The specifics of John Munro's temporary departure were not provided to church members. If his name sounds familiar, it's because Munro recently served as the source of information about Nancy Writebol, the Calvary member who contracted Ebola after serving as a missionary in Liberia.

A 6.0 magnitude "rolling" earthquake hit Napa, California, this weekend, leaving the heart of wine country in shambles. But residents have been quick to start the clean-up, focusing on the historic downtown.

James Foley, the American photo journalist beheaded by ISIS, wrote a letter to his parents while he was held captive for two years that details the close relationships he had with his family members. Foley sounded hopeful of his future release, writing at the end of the note that he would need their help to "reclaim" his life.

The ocean floor just off the East Coast is leaking methane - a whole lot - from 570 vents, known as "seeps." (Scientists previously believed only three seeps existed.) "They’re emitting as much as 90 tons of greenhouse gasses every year and appear to debunk earlier belief that there were only three East Coast seeps beyond the continental shelf."

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