First Drip (8/22/14): City Council to discuss arena updates, judge rules against taxpayer funds for private schools, more



City Council will discuss upgrades to Time Warner Cable Arena, which was built nine years ago, during Monday's meeting. The Hornets and the Charlotte Regional Visitor's Authority are requesting $40 million for improvements.

A North Carolina judge ruled Thursday that taxpayer money cannot be used to pay for private or religious schools, striking down a Republican-backed mandate from 2013 and leaving hundreds of parents who use voucher funds through "Opportunity Scholarships" wondering how they would afford to pay for school for their children. “'This upholds North Carolina’s long-standing commitment to public education — public education creates productive citizens, a strong economy, and a great democracy,' Yevonne Brannon, chairwoman of Public Schools First, a nonpartisan organization that lobbies for public money for public schools, said in a statement."

Less than a week after he was indicted, Texas Gov. (and likely 2016 presidential hopeful) Rick Perry is back to business as usual. Perry will hit up several jobs conferences throughout the Northeast, attended a rally to address the undocumented children coming to the U.S. from Central America and will be in South Carolina next week for the Texas A&M v. University of South Carolina football game. Here are all the Rick Perry mugshot memes you ever wanted.

The ultimate selfie camera.

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