First Drip (8/1/14): Tougher coal ash regulations fail, cease-fire between Israel and Palestine collapses, more



Bills that would have implemented tougher regulations on coal ash failed around midnight after the House and Senate couldn't agree to the compromises. The House wanted the Department of Natural Resources to spearhead an investigation into the risk level of 10 coal ash ponds around the state, while the Senate wanted to appoint an outside task force.

Center City Partners has requested that the city Department of Transportation remove benches at the corner of Trade and Tryon streets for 30 days typically used by individuals experiencing homelessness. Center City say they'll share the cost of a social worker (just one) to redirect people to shelters and job programs.

A brief cease-fire between Israel and Palestine militants ended after Israel blamed Hamas for capturing one of its soldiers. "Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stopped short of declaring the cease-fire dead, but accused Hamas of 'flagrantly violating' what was to have been a three-day truce. Hamas in turn insisted it was Israel that had broken the cease-fire terms agreed to only hours earlier."

A breakdown of the seven experiments NASA's Mars Rover will conduct starting in 2020.

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