First Drip (7/22/14): Knights double attendance, anti-rape clothing in India, more



City staffers announced yesterday that they'd completed a due diligence review of Duke Energy's proposal to move coal ash to the airport. While moving the ash under runways was shot down, staffers haven't completely scrapped the idea - they're just not disclosing the details of their counterproposal. In related news, though 92 percent of the coal ash that spilled at the Dan River remains, Duke Energy has announced that the cleanup is complete.

The Charlotte Knights have more than doubled their attendance from last year, bringing in 511,068 fans in 53 home games. "After years of ranking at or near the bottom of the 14-club International League in attendance, the Knights are now No. 1. With 18 home games left, Charlotte is averaging 9,643 fans per game this season."

Inventors in India continue to develop clothing aimed to combat rape. Last year, three engineering students introduced the SHE, which stands for Society Harnessing Equipment, a bra that sends electric shocks to rapists and text messages to family and friends. The invention even got a nod from the president of India. But some wonder whether the clothing does enough to address the root cause of the epidemic, incidences of which have increased by 336 percent in India over the last decade.

Johns Hopkins Hospital will pay a $190 million settlement to patients whose exams were secretly recorded by a gynecologist. The class-action lawsuit involved more than 8,000 former patients of Dr. Nikita Levy, the Associated Press reports, and the deal marks one of the largest involving sexual misconduct by a doctor. Most of the discovered videos and photographs—about 1,200 videos and 140 photos—did not include the women’s faces and were taken with a pen-like camera he wore around his neck." The doctor will not face criminal charges.

Another day, another recall, this time of certain fruits dated between June 2 and July 18 sold at Trader Joe's. If you have any, either throw them away or return them for a full refund.

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