First Drip (6/30/14): Winthrop University prez in trouble for getting husband job, more



A month into her job, Winthrop University President Jamie Comstock Williamson emailed the school's chief of staff, asking her to create a position for Williamson's husband, Larry. He was to be paid a modest amount so as not to attract attention. But an investigation by the local newspaper discovered the email, and the Williamons have returned the money Larry made during his first year.

Local law enforcement officials are still stumped by a video that shows a man clinging to the back of a car while it travels on I-77. The man apparently used a tool to smash the vehicle's back window and climb inside.

The Supreme Court will decide on a slew of important cases today, including whether Obamacare can force a business to provide contraception coverage even if it objects for religious reasons. "'This case isn't that practically important, except for the employees and businesses involved. There just aren't a huge number of those,' said Thomas Goldstein, publisher of and a Washington appellate attorney. 'But everyone can agree the social questions presented - about when people can follow their religious convictions, and when people are entitled to contraception care - are truly important,' he said."

The Italian navy towed to shore a boat containing the bodies of 30 people, who were crossing the Mediterranean Sea en route to the country. "The likely cause of death was asphyxiation and drowning, according to medical staff at the scene who also advised against the bodies 'being removed due to restricted space', said a navy statement. There were no more details immediately available concerning the circumstances of the fatalities."

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