First Drip (6/20/14): New Hornets uniforms, Pope says no to drugs


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The Hornets unveiled their new uniforms yesterday. While they pay tribute to the original uniform, they were not designed by Julian Alexander, the guy who introduced the purple and teal.

Environmentalists say the water wells near Rowan County's Dukeville are contaminated with high levels of hexavalent chromium, but WFAE found that those reports are misconstrued and the levels are actually well below the state's standard. The "Waterkeeper Alliance instead points to a public health goal recently set by state regulators in California, 500 times lower than our state standard."

The governor of Wisconsin has been accused of taking part in a "criminal scheme" to coordinate campaign fundraising with Karl Rove, the Koch brothers and other outside groups. Court documents "'draw back the curtain on what's happening all across the country,' said campaign finance lawyer Trevor Potter, an advocate for limiting big money in politics. Nonprofit groups 'are raising large amounts of money, intervening in the political process without disclosing where the money is coming from - and all of this is being done on a broad, deliberate basis.'"

Pope Francis might have lost some of the cool points he's earned since becoming the head of the Catholic Church: Today, at a drug enforcement conference in Rome, the Pope said he strongly opposes legalizing recreational marijuana.


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