First Drip (6/9/14): Senate looks to investigate state medical examiner, more



Spurred by a peculiar case last year involving three deaths in a Boone hotel and a Charlotte Observer investigation, the state Senate is calling for a review of how the state's medical examiner investigates suspicious deaths. A 14-member, nonpartisan board could spend between four and six months looking into the matter.

The millions who live under the crushing weight of student-loan debt could soon see some relief. President Obama is expected to announce reforms to the repayment process that would take effect next year. "Mr. Obama's main action will be to expand on a 2010 law that capped borrowers' repayments at 10 percent of their monthly income. The intent is to extend such relief to an estimated five million people with older loans who are currently ineligible - those who got loans before October 2007 or stopped borrowing by October 2011."

The American POW who was released from the Taliban a couple of weeks ago says he was tortured by his captors.

Scientists have figured out why humans can withstand a punch to the face.

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