First Drip (6/2/14): N.C. GOP aims to change court rules, Obama to announce emission caps, more



In the recently introduced state Senate budget is a provision that requires a "three-judge panels to decide lawsuits in state courts in which plaintiffs seek laws of the General Assembly declared inherently unconstitutional." Democrats say Republicans are changing the rules because judges keep striking down laws the GOP has passed in recent years.

Maya Angelou's family will hold a private service at Wake Forest University on Saturday that will be streamed live. Oprah Winfrey is expected to speak, and members of the Westboro Baptist Church will protest the service because Angelou supported gay rights.

President Obama is following through on a promise he made at the beginning of his first term to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Administration officials are soon expected to announce big cut requirements, including 30 percent from utilities by 2020. But some experts say the plan isn't enough.

Spanish King Juan Carlos I cited personal reasons, including deteriorating health, in his decision to abdicate. His son, Crown Prince Felipe, will likely assume the thrown. Juan Carlos and his family have caused quite a bit of controversy as of late. Critics balked after he took a luxury elephant-shooting trip during Spain's financial crisis, in 2012, and his daughter, Princess Cristina, is under investigation for corruption.

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