First Drip (5/30/14): No property tax cut or teacher raises from county, Senate budget attacks Medicaid, more



Mecklenburg County Manager Dena Diorio offered up her recommendations for the 2014-15 budget yesterday. Not only did she shoot down a property tax cut, she also nixed CMS' $19.4 million request for teacher raises. "Asked after the meeting why no teacher pay increase in this budget Diorio said she doesn't believe the county should give raises to state employees."

North Carolina legislators are coming for Medicaid: The Senate budget proposes cutting thousands of disabled and elderly people from Medicaid rolls by cutting optional services - which include prescription meds, mental health and dental care. "Under the provision, elderly people who qualify for a benefit called State/County Special Assistance would no longer automatically qualify for Medicaid. The Senate's budget document says nearly 12,000 people would be dropped from the program."

The Central Conference of American Rabbis and the Alliance of Baptists announced yesterday they are joining the lawsuit challenging North Carolina's ban on same-sex marriage on the basis that it deters clergy from practicing their right to freedom of religion.

The often-forward-thinking Google released some numbers this week that prove, for once, the company isn't ahead of the game. Not only does the company employ way more men than women - 83 percent of its workforce is male - but the number of minorities are dismal. "In terms of racial diversity, the company overall is 61% white, 30%, Asian, 3%, Hispanic, and 2%, black."

Looks like the LA Clippers might have a new owner soon. Former Microsoft head Steve Ballmer has reportedly agreed to buy the team from Rochelle Sterling, Donald Sterling's wife, for $2 billion.

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