First Drip (5/27/14): Charlotte reaches out to immigrants, shootings at Myrtle Beach, more



The Charlotte Chamber of Commerce will host a listening session today to collect feedback from the city's fast-growing immigrant population. The session aims to collect feedback from a broad segment of immigrants about what Charlotte is doing right and wrong in its dealings with residents from other nations. It also hopes to gather suggestions of how the city can better support immigrant entrepreneurs.

Six separate shootings at Myrtle Beach on Saturday left three people are dead and five wounded. The shootings, which officers don't think are connected, occurred outside a motel. No one has been arrested.

Protesters believed to be pro-Russian rebels set fire to a hockey stadium in Ukraine. "The attacks were the latest in an upsurge in fighting as Ukrainian anti-terrorist troops mount a major campaign against rebels in the wake of the weekend election of a new Ukrainian president, candy magnate Petro Poroshenko, who has vowed to negotiate a peaceful end to the crisis."

The soda industry released a study that shows drinking diet soda actually helps consumers lose weight, not gain it as multiple independent studies have shown over the years.

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