First Drip (5/19/14): N.C. medical examiners review one in nine bodies, Facebook supposedly developing Snapchat alternative, more



State medical examiners have allegedly broken the law by determining the cause of death in thousands of cases without viewing bodies. "A state guideline instructs in bold letters that they 'must personally view every dead body' in cases they accept. But often they skip the inspection and send the bodies on to funeral homes for burial or to forensic laboratories for autopsies."

In a presumably never-before-heard-of case, the Justice Department is charging foreign officials with crimes that include hacking U.S. firms. Five Chinese military officials allegedly hacked the systems of U.S. companies for trade secrets.

Though no one's actually seen anyone move, President Vladimir Putin called on Russian troops staged near Ukraine's border to retreat. U.S. and NATO officials are skeptical; Putin issued a similar call in May to no avail.

Watch out, Snapchat: Facebook may be coming for you.

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