Oh, now you want to support gay marriage, Foxx?



Former Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx said this week he's cool with same-sex marriage. His "announcement" came at a press conference at the White House after a Washington Blade reporter asked about a lawsuit against Virginia's same-sex ban and how it might affect a current challenge to North Carolina's Amendment One.

It's great that Foxx finally found it in himself to say something publicly about gay marriage, but I'm surprised he even said anything. He'd already done so much: "I was the first mayor to even go meet with the LGBT community," Foxx said during the press conference.

Either way, I'm glad I know where he stands because I, like you, had been waiting for the U.S. secretary of transportation to weigh in on the debate, especially after a potential NFL player and NBA player came out and the vice president and president weighed in. I just wonder if his opinions changed between now and when he remained relatively muzzled during the unprecedented, bigotry laced battle against same-sex marriage that waged in his state when he was mayor of its largest city. No, coming out in support then would have been divisive. He had to wait till he was in the White House, in front of all those national reporters.

"I was, unlike my predecessor, someone who went out and went to the annual Human Rights Campaign dinner and signed a letter," Foxx said. "I did a lot of things. But this is a place where I think the country's attitudes are shifting. And I think North Carolina got it wrong."

Good for you, Captain Obvious. Stick to highways.

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