First Drip (5/8/14): BofA CEO gets marriage proposal at shareholder meeting, more



Bank of America shareholder meeting history was made yesterday when a woman proposed to CEO Brian Moynihan. "Up the stock to a million and I'll marry you in the morning!" said Peggy McMahon of New York, sporting a straw hat.

State Board of Elections officials took the blame for their website malfunctioning on Tuesday night, as it incorrectly displayed the number of precincts reporting in versus the number of votes actually counted. The state board had been negotiating a new contract with the company that provides its reporting software. When they couldn't come to an agreement, instead of finding a new vendor, the board went with old, in-house software.

Body cameras are coming to the CMPD officers' uniforms, with the help of private donations from the Charlotte Police Foundation. "'We step in when there's not enough money or special needs come up,' said board member Ken Gill, who is the founder of CPI Security."

Gov. McCrory is proposing to give North Carolina teachers a 2 percent raise. He'll also propose to legislators that the state revamp the way it pays teachers, basing that "not just on experience and credentials but on performance, market competition and leadership roles."

The Justice and Education Departments are partnering in an initiative to remind public schools that they are required by law to offer all children, regardless of their parents' immigration status, equal access to elementary and secondary level education. "The 'dear colleague,' letter to schools providing guidance to schools on their legal obligations comes as the departments say they have 'become aware of student enrollment practices that may chill or discourage the participation, or lead to the exclusion, of students.'"

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