First Drip (5/1/14): Expect protesters at Duke Energy shareholders meeting, more



Duke Energy shareholders are hosting their annual meeting today at the company's headquarters, on South Tryon Street. In addition to regular business, they'll be seeking information about the company' coal ash management practices. In addition, the state treasurer is calling for one director to be booted out and for an outside investigation into the Dan River spill. Expect protesters.

North Carolina legislators are considering a bill that will allow students to cross district lines and attend any school they'd like. "For example, if a Mecklenburg County student wishes to attend a charter in Iredell County, Mecklenburg County cannot object and must provide its share of the student's funding to the receiving school in Iredell County."

A recent securities filings show that Chiquita was considering merging with Dublin-based Fyffes in 2011, long before the produce company moved its headquarters to Charlotte. Guess they just couldn't say no to that $22 million incentive package we offered them.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford makes headlines again for allegedly appearing in another crack-smoking video. He's taking some time off from his reelection campaign to get some help. "'I have a problem with alcohol, and the choices I have made while under the influence,'" he said in a midnight statement on Facebook." Maybe he should have invested in an oversized visor like Donald Sterling's ex.

In "Really tho?" news, a 27-year-old female medical student is auctioning off her virginity for hundreds of thousands of dollars. The woman, who goes by the name Elizabeth Rainse, "cites financial gain as the No. 1 reason for selling her alleged purity, but adventure, eroticism, scandal and the chance to challenge norms about virginity also play into her decision."

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