First Drip (4/24/14): The Teeter lowers prices, cost to move coal ash high, more


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Early voting begins today through May 3. Here's a list of where you can go in Mecklenburg County.

Harris Teeter announced yesterday it would begin lowering prices after the recent Kroger acquisition. Look for the green tags.

The Boulevard at South End is about to blow up with fame: Two filmmakers tasked by Capital One to gather the stories of small businesses all over the country stopped in Charlotte this week to interview the owners of The Boulevard. The video will be posted on

State regulators and Duke Energy say to move 100 million tons of coal ash could cost almost $10 million. "Paul Newton, Duke's North Carolina president of operations, told lawmakers that 20-foot trucks, leaving the site every three minutes, working 12 hours a day, could not quickly remove it. 'The Dan River site would take about two years to be excavated and remove - and that is our smallest site,' Newton said. 'At our Marshall plant near Charlotte, at that pace, excavation would take nearly 30 years.'"

The FDA has proposed regulations on those plastic or metal tubes called e-cigs that no one really knows anything about. The federal government not only wants to ban the sale to minors - makes sense - but it also wants to reserve the right to create new rules on the products later.


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