First Drip (4/23/14): Investigators subpoena Meck County, VICE journalist detained, more



The corruption case against Patrick Cannon didn't end with his arrest. The U.S. Attorney's Office has subpoenaed Mecklenburg County officials, seeking records relating to Cannon. The mandate comes a month after investigators requested such documents from the city. Clearly no one is safe.

Some people aren't satisfied with simply visiting a museum. Dexter Anderson broke a window at the National Civil Rights Museum, in Memphis, and was found asleep in the Lorraine Hotel's room 308, which is just a few doors down from the room Martin Luther King Jr. stayed in the day he was assassinated. Anderson was charged with vandalism. Security has since increased at the museum.

A VICE journalist remains in the custody of pro-Russian separatist militia members in eastern Ukraine, who also recently detained and released a TIME reporter. The journalists were traveling by car and were stopped at a checkpoint. VICE is in talks with the State Department.

South Sudanese rebels slaughtered hundreds seeking refuge in mosques in the area. The body count is so high, UN officials couldn't give an exact body count, just describing "piles and piles" of bodies. "'A strong stench of decomposing remains filled the air, while vultures and dogs ate off limbs, scalps and abdomen flesh,' said one report."

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