First Drip (4/10/14): Family Dollar to close 370 stores, a kidnapped N.C. man was rescued by FBI, more



Matthews-based Family Dollar announced today it will close 370 stores.

A North Carolina man who was kidnapped recently was rescued yesterday by FBI from an apartment in Atlanta. "The Associated Press reported that FBI agents remained at the apartments after sunrise Thursday. Two doors, seeming to be charred from fire or explosives, lay in the apartment courtyard, the AP said."

It's a fiber fight: AT&T plans to bring its U-verse GigaPower fiber-optic service to six North Carolina cities - but nope, not Charlotte. The service would compete with Google, which said it intends to bring its Fiber to Charlotte, Raleigh, Durham and other cities.

Bank of America is shelling out more settlement cash: the bank agreed to pay out $783 million to customers whom federal regulators say were misinformed on credit-card add-ons.

A 16-year-old Pennsylvania student stabbed 22 people at his high school yesterday. "I don't think he at this point understands the gravity of what he did," said attorney Patrick Thomassey. "I don't think he realizes how severely injured some of these people are. And, hopefully, there's no death involved in any of these. We're praying that everybody is all right."

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