First Drip (4/8/14): Charlotte has a new mayor, Texas jury to hear stiletto stabbing case, more



Dan Clodfelter, Charlotte's newest mayor, is an eight-term state legislator who previously served on City Council and the planning commission. He was a Rhodes Scholar at Davidson College and attended Yale Law School. He is calm, smart, known as a problem solver, experienced in government and done with politics - after he finishes out his term as mayor, that is.

A bill the U.S. Senate will vote on today that would extend long-term unemployment benefits affects North Carolina more than any other state. We opted out of extended unemployment benefits last year after borrowing nearly $3 billion from the federal government to pay for unemployment insurance. "The new Senate bill contains a clause added by Kay Hagan which would, effectively, grandfather in North Carolina's reforms, making it eligible for such federal money again."

Jurors in Texas will soon hear a case involving a woman who attacked her boyfriend with her 5 1/2-inch stilettos. Ana Trujillo's attorneys say she was defending herself, perhaps from a rude comment her boyfriend made about her shoes?

A new land mass has formed, in the Pacific, as a result of volcanic activity. "The merged island lies some 1,000km (621mi) south of Tokyo, the result of eruptions on the seafloor that have spewed enough material to rise above the water line."

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