First Drip (3/31/14): Charlotte's next mayor?, avoid penalties - sign up for health insurance, more



City Council could pick a new mayor during today's meeting to fill the seat Patrick Cannon left vacant last week after being arrested. If they're smart, they'll elect someone who's not on council; a pending FBI investigation could weed out more corruption on the board. What about Jennifer Roberts?

Today is the last day to sign up for health insurance before penalties start to kick in. Visit to sign up and NC Policy Watch for a breakdown of enrollment numbers. In brief: As of last week, 6 million people had signed up for insurance through the health-care exchanges.

A transgender student at Central Piedmont Community College says she feels unsafe on campus after a run-in with security as she exited the women's restrooms more than a week ago. Campus administrators have yet to respond to her complaint, though one did take the time to tell her she "doesn't have any rights." Due process, anyone?

Though N.C. Democrats out voted Republicans in 2012 by about 81,000, the GOP still picked up more than twice the congressional seats (nine versus Democrats' four). How? Redistricting after the 2010 census, including carving out the Democratic-leaning Asheville out of the 11th District.

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