Edwin Peacock: Charlotte should ask Raleigh to add mayoral race to November's ballot



Edwin Peacock III, the Republican candidate who lost against Patrick Cannon in the last mayoral election, suggests Charlotte should seek permission from the state capitol to add the mayor's seat to the ballot this November, repairing our strained relationship with Raleigh in the process.

"Asking Raleigh to add Mayor's race to Nov. ballot allows #CLTCC time to get all the facts of what's unfolded and who was involved," he tweeted Monday morning. "If there was ever such a definition for 'extraordinary circumstances' for our #CLTCC, this is it!"

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City Council could select Cannon's replacement during tonight's meeting.

The day after Cannon was arrested Wednesday on charges including extortion and wire fraud, Peacock released a statement saying he was praying for Cannon's family. He'd remained silent on the matter since.

"I have been asked by some of the members of the media to comment about today's events involving Mayor Cannon," he wrote. "This is a very sad day for our city. The people of Charlotte deserve nothing but the highest ethical behavior from our elected officials. The public trust has been shattered and it now must be restored."

Peacock was a favorite among independents - and a whispered favorite among some Democrats - during last year's election, even nabbing the Charlotte Observer's endorsement.

With all the mention in Cannon's affidavit of city officials as possible collaborators in his corruption, it would be wise to take a step back and consider the facts of the investigation as they continue to unfold before electing Cannon's replacement.

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