First Drip (3/28/14): New mayor could be appointed as early as Monday, Duke investors want investigation, more



City Council will appoint a new mayor to replace Patrick Cannon, possibly as soon as Monday. He or she must be a member of the Democratic Party, the same affiliation as Cannon, but does not have to be an elected official. Mayor Pro Tem Michael Barnes, who is stepping in to take over Cannon's duties until a new mayor is appointed, said yesterday he's not interested in taking that job.

Duke Energy investors want an investigation into the Feb. 2 coal ash spill into the Dan River. "Our concerns," stated a letter they submitted to Duke's board, "include the severity of the spill, Duke's purported violations of numerous regulations, the lack of clarity on cleanup and costs" and more.

The N.C. legislators who pushed for the new voter ID law will have to share with the world their correspondences and emails, as a judge ruled it all public record yesterday.

More than 6 million people have signed up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

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