Here's an update on all those supposed chemical spills in local wastewater treatment facilities, including whether you can drink tap water (you can)



Not one but two suspected toxic chemical spills were reported at Charlotte wastewater treatment plants last week. The first - at the Mallard Creek Wastewater Treatment plant, on U.S. 29 North - was contained. The most recent potential spill, at Sugar Creek on Tyvola Road, was determined to be "non-toxic;" likely the byproducts of a fuel spill. (Still, gross.)

  • John 'K' (flickr Creative Commons)

The city says Charlotte's water is safe to drink, cook with and bathe in.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities is still in the process of developing a cleanup plan for the Mallard Creek spill. Water testing has increased this week.

Local police are working with local, state and federal agencies to identify and prosecute the person(s) responsible for the Mallard Creek spill. Anyone with information is asked to call 704-334-1600.

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