Rock Hill resident sells bread and milk through Charlotte Craigslist ad in advance of snow



It seems to happen every year. Before the first predicted snowflakes can ever fall in Charlotte, without fail bread and milk will fly off the shelves. It's a phenomenon that, as a Northern transplant, I still don't quite understand. How often has that extra bread and milk really come in handy?

A Rock Hill resident is taking advantage of this predictable run on bread and milk, offering up the "snowstorm" staples with a posting to the Charlotte Craigslist "General For Sale By Owner" section.

The ad, titled "Bread and milk for sale yes for real" reads (original grammar uncorrected):

"I have picked up 100 loafs of bunny bread and 100 gallons of milk. I have them ready to be picked up. I am selling them for $25 each or $40 for both. Cash only. And pick up only. I am right next to cherry park in rock hill sc. Email me your phone number and I will call you with the meeting time."


One would like to believe that no one will be silly enough to respond to this ad and overpay for bread and milk that they aren't going to end up needing anyway, but if the grocery store aisles are any indication, this individual may be onto something.

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