First Drip (01/13/15): Isis hacks U.S. military's Twitter, massive debt write-off for NASCAR museum


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“AMERICAN SOLDIERS, WE ARE COMING, WATCH YOUR BACK. ISIS.” So read the first message tweeted by the U.S. Central Command—one of nine unified commands in the U.S. military--that was hacked by ISIS militants Monday. The Central Command's YouTube account was also hacked.

On Monday, Charlotte City Council voted 10-1 to pay Wells Fargo and Bank of America $5 million for the banks to write off more than $22 million in debt from the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

A South Carolina judge declared a mistrial early this morning after a jury deadlocked, saying it could not reach a unanimous verdict in the murder trial of a white former police chief charged with killing an unarmed black man in May 2011. Prosecutor David Pascoe said nine jurors had voted to convict former Eutawville police chief Richard Combs for shooting Bernard Bailey three times. "We just had three jurors we couldn't convince," he said. Pascoe says he will continue to push the case.

Four years after the revolution that toppled him, Egypt’s high court Tuesday overturned the only remaining conviction against former President Hosni Mubarak, making his release from jail possible. This is a blow to protesters hopeful the "Arab Spring" would usher in a new era of political discourse in Egypt, as thousands of Mubarak's political opponents remain jailed.

A judge in Georgia could rule today in a dispute over Dr. Martin Luther King’s Bible and Nobel Prize. The Estate of Martin Luther King Jr. Inc. is controlled by Martin Luther King III and his younger brother, Dexter Scott King. A year ago, they asked a judge to order their sister Bernice to turn over the Nobel medal and traveling Bible, which has since been kept in a safety deposit box. The brothers want to sell them to a private buyer. The national holiday celebrating the slain civil rights leader is Monday.


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