Taking Back Sunday's Adam Lazzara makes solo debut



Taking Back Sunday frontman Adam Lazzara, a Charlotte resident, has released his first solo song, entitled "Because it Works." The song is a big departure for the emo-punk singer, though readers of Creative Loafing shouldn't be completely surprised.

In 2012, then CL editor Mark Kemp profiled Lazzara for a cover story in which Lazzara hinted at trying something different:

Lately, Lazzara has been thinking about doing a solo album. If anything, that's where the "emo" and "pop-punk" tags concern him the most. He doesn't listen to much music that would be considered emo or pop-punk anymore, he says. Nowadays, Lazzara likes the rootsy alternative country of fellow North Carolinian Ryan Adams. And he recently checked out the Of Montreal show at the Neighborhood Theatre. "I'm worried that whenever I get my shit together and actually make my album, it'll get dismissed," he says. "I'm afraid people will say, 'Oh, it's just that emo guy.' That's not exactly who I am, and I don't want to have to meet with that kind of immediate dismissal or opposition."

Judging by this first single, what he said last year is an appropriate description. "Because it Works" has a jangly Ryan Adams style with a bit of Dylan-esque harmonica and overall folk attitude. The song is part of a label compilation called I Surrender Records Presents: Our Voices.

There's no word if this is the first of many solo tunes to come for the singer.

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