First Drip (11/15/13): Obama offers health care fix, world loses almost 6 Californias worth of forest since 2000, more



The wildfire in Pisgah National Forest in Burke County is about 40 percent contained. People in Alexander, Burke, Caldwell and Catawba counties might experience some breathing issues because of the smoke.

Yesterday, President Obama offered to let insurance companies continue to sell existing plans for another year. Millions of Americans have received cancellation notices on their current policies because they don't meet the minimum standards set by the Affordable Care Act.

China, long known for its one-child family-size restrictions, is easing up and allowing families with a parent who is an only child to have two children. The Communist-run government is also planning to abolish labor camps.

A new study showed that the world has lost 2.3 million square kilometers of forest since 2000 - that's almost six Californias.

According to a recent poll, online daters find the Southern accent the sexiest.

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