The Penguin gets sued



According to a story by the Charlotte Business Journal, the Plaza Midwood eatery The Penguin is being sued by its landlord for defaulting on its lease and a loan made earlier this year.

The building owner has demanded that the restaurant turn over the property, and the owner also is seeking a court-appointed receiver to take possession of collateral the restaurant put up to secure the loan, including accounts, equipment, inventory and intellectual property.

We won't say what kind of social media commentary we've seen on this, uh, interesting turn of events, but after the derrr-rama we saw with the Penguin in 2010 (folks were calling for a boycott of the restaurant after former owners Brian Rowe and Jimmy King left), you can only imagine.

Here's our blog post where we broke the news of the Penguin changing ownership - and the subsequent updates. (This post garnered more than 100 comments.)

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