Photos: The Light Factory



The Light Factory co-hosted the Society for Photographic Education Southeast Regional Conference over the weekend. After a kick-off day on Friday, filled with educational lectures, workshops and presentations, conference guests attended the reception of Sometime Other Than Now at The Light Factory. This will be the last exhibition at its Spirit Square location. The museum of photography suspended operations earlier this month.

Afterward, members of the Light Factory gathered to discuss the organization's future.

"I would say that it was a successful meeting where members had an opportunity to ask questions and discuss plans for moving The Light Factory forward," said Heather McNatt, a member of the Light Factory's board of directors. "The first order of business is determining a process and timeline for nominating and electing new board members."

According to an Observer article, the organization will not pursue a Catalyst Fund grant from the Foundation for the Carolinas or merge with a similar organization.

There were approximately 100 members at Friday night's meeting.

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