First Drip (11/18/13): Pat McCrory's bathroom, Ted Cruz, more


Last week, Gov. Pat McCrory canceled plans to remodel six of the governor's mansions' bathrooms that would have cost $230,000 in state funds. Instead, AP reported, "North Carolina taxpayers spent about $19,000 to remodel a small restroom in Gov. Pat McCrory's office at the State Capitol over the summer following complaints about a bad smell." 

Bank of America is considering rolling out a checking account that keeps you from overdrafting.

Wondering which N.C. representatives voted against the measure that reopened the government? Here you go.

Republican Ted Cruz says he won't rule out another shutdown - despite the $24 billion the recent government shutdown cost the economy. 

And in frightening social news: Facebook announced yesterday that teens ages 13-17 can now post publicly on the social media site. 

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