Drunk-dial Congress


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If there ever was a time for day-drinking, today's it.

With mere hours left until the U.S. government's debt limit is reached, legislators are going to need some fire lit under their butts to come to a compromise over the shutdown and debt ceiling   - especially considering some Republicans say busting through that ceiling isn't a big deal. (Raise your hand if you've ever gone over your credit card limit and subsequently your interest rate sky-rocketed. Or raise your hand if you've made some financial mistakes in your youth that have hurt your efforts to buy a house or a car later.)

A new website, http://drunkdialcongress.org, gives you the opportunity to reach out to Congress directly and give 'em a piece of your mind. Enter your phone number and you'll receive a call back, connecting you with a random member of Congress. (Make sure you're practiced in the mirror, though - your phone number will only be used once.) If you need some liquid courage, the website also offers drink recipes, like The Sleepy Senator (with absinthe) and The Bloody Bastard (with vodka).

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