Beats Antique at the Chop Shop tonight (10/15/2013)



Riding a whirlwind of hip-hop, Gypsy jazz, Balkan beat-box, live electronica and whatever else pops into their ever-expanding minds, the members of Beats Antique are snaky-hipped guides to the garden of earthly delights, an ethnographic mish-mash for both world music mavens and club kids. The Beats' core trio brings plenty of exotica expertise to their overloaded table. Guitarist David Satori toured an Afrobeat ensemble through West Africa aboard a bio-fueled bus. Keyboardist Sidecar Tommy Cappel was a jazz-head until he discovered rap and descended into the world percussion rabbit hole. With her innovative mix of belly dance, breakin' and tango, ballet-trained Zoe Jakes is the visual focal point of the Beats, and those visuals are key. With all three members schooled in the San Francisco performance-art scene, the Beats' LPs are but a distant echo of their trippy, Psychonautic stage shows. Satori's and Cappel's chops are more groove-driven than song-based, circling Jakes as she dervish whirls like Scheherazade. At their worst, Beats Antique devolve to slinky burlesque in synth drum drag, but when this combo fires all their synapses, their transcendental grooves blow the doors off all preconceived notions of performance. $20. Oct. 15, 8 p.m. Chop Shop, 399 E. 35th St. 704-765-2467.

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