First Drip (10/9/13): City Council update, fracking fears, burlesque and more



Greg Phipps and Alvin "Al" Austin won their respective City Council primaries last night. Come November, Phipps will face unaffiliated candidate Michael Zytkow, and Austin will face Republican Darryl Broome.

Also in local politics: The state GOP has stepped into the Charlotte mayoral race for the first time, providing field organizers to Republican candidate Edwin Peacock.

Yet another reason to fear fracking: A new study has "found elevated levels of radioactivity, along with other pollutants, at a site where treated wastewater from fracking processes was discharged into a creek."

Why are women attracted to burlesque?

The good news: Even if Congress doesn't raise the government's borrowing limit, the U.S. Treasury still has a way to avoid debt default. The bad news: We might not avoid a recession.

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