First Drip (9/28/13): Guns, Iran, same-sex marriage in New Jersey, more


Next week, folks can bring their guns on public school campuses. Thanks, North Carolina lawmakers.

Charlotte says hello to new Historic South End director Tobe Holmes, who replaces former director Ted Boyd.

President Obama and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani spoke on the phone yesterday - the first direct conversation between the U.S. and Iran since 1979. The 15-minute talk makes us wonder - will we see another "Call Me Maybe" parody?

Same-sex marriage is now allowed in New Jersey. Oct. 21 is set to become the anniversary date for a plenty of gay couples in the state.

And yesterday, the New York Times issued a correction to longtime Nintendo president Hiroshi Yamauchi's obituary: They incorrectly identified Mario and Luigi as janitors instead of plumbers.

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