First Drip (9/26/13): N.C. teacher walk-out, healthcare premiums calculator, color test



On Nov. 4 some North Carolina educators are planning a "walk-out" (the Facebook event stresses that educators aren't necessarily encouraged to walk-out of class, but if they do they are responsible for their actions). According to the event's page, participating teachers are calling for "a fair balance between workload, expectations and compensation for our teachers. Help needs to come from both the state government and from unengaged parents who need to take an active role in their child's education."

How well do you see color?

The latest in the Republican-led war on Obamacare.

The Kaiser Family Foundation has come up with a nifty calculator to help you figure out your health insurance premium options. The healthcare marketplaces open for enrollment on Oct. 1.

This week's CL is all about beer.

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