Mikeflo of Dead Prez at Dharma Lounge tonight (9/21/13)


We don't often recommend a DJ set as a must-check-out event in Charlotte, but this is mikeflo of Dead Prez we're talking about.

In an era when radio hip-hop puts the beat on the pedestal and casts conscious lyrical content to the side - "Shake it like a red nose"? Really? - MC, DJ and producer mikeflo has successfully managed to sidestep all that and create music that is both worth a listen and an analysis.

Check out "The Adjustment Bureau" below. Or, better yet, check out his DJ set at Dharma Lounge during Su Casa tonight. 

$5-$10. 10 p.m.- 2 a.m. Dharma Lounge, 1440 S Tryon St.

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