Serena Ryder at Uptown Amphitheatre tonight (8/16/13)



Canadian songstress Serena Ryder has had no problem gaining solid footing in her native country but hasn't quite garnered a significant fanbase stateside - yet. Her new album, Harmony, was released in 2012 in Canada but won't hit U.S. stores until Aug. 27. That doesn't mean her first single hasn't flooded airwaves already. "Stompa," the soulful, Adele-esque foot-stomper, is catchy as hell and showcases her vocal power. She's got a sweet-yet-sultry style that's a bit of a departure from her folk-rock previous effort, 2008's Is It O.K. Ryder's on-stage passion for performing and a slight change in tone have only brought a bigger spotlight to her talents. With OneRepublic, Mayer Hawthorne. $25.75-$62.50. Aug. 16, 7 p.m. Uptown Amphitheatre, 1000 N.C. Music Factory Blvd. 704-916-8970.

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