K-Dubb represents the Q.C. at comedy competition



Miller Lite is once again on the hunt for something more humorous than the quality of its beer.

Stand Up. It's Miller Time, the brewery's national comedy competition, came to the Q.C. for a semi-final round last week at McGlohan Theater. There, comedian K-Dubb was selected from multiple local victors as the region's representative for the competition's Aug. 29 finale in Atlanta.

K-Dubb is an Atlanta-based comedian whose style incorporates a hyper, raucous and hip-hop-infused stage persona to his punch lines. Watching him online, his behavior is reminiscent of 2012's judge for the competition, Kevin Hart.

Coincidentally, Hart was part of the judging panel last year that selected Charlotte-based comedian Burpie to the competition's next stage.

Though Burpie won in Charlotte, he fizzled like an uninspired brew at the larger level. This year, hopefully, our regional rep's fate won't be as bleak. K-Dubb seems to have a larger fan base on his side and I would hope there's some basis to that.

On a definitively good note, last year's competition brought funnyman Hart into the city as a judge, and this year Marlon Wayans came along for the ride. So while they might not be the most fermentation savvy people out there, at least the folks at Miller brought us some chuckles.

That fact, along with the prospect of having a "local representative" compete nationally, is something I'll say cheers to. Not over a Miller Lite, though - I'd rather leave the joking to the comedians.

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