Recess Fest this weekend (7/26-7/28)



Recess Fest was headed toward big things after Archers of Loaf headlined last year's fourth annual event. I thought it was well on its way to becoming the next Hopscotch Festival and becoming the must-see festival that the Queen City has been longing for. Not this year, but don't get me wrong. There are plenty of can't-miss acts on the bill which are worth checking out all weekend long, but the lineup is missing that one big name to draw attention this time around. With 85 acts performing at 15 venues around town, there's something for everyone to see and hear. Get off the couch and check out that local or regional band you've been dying to see live, catch a couple of favorites and give the others a chance. Head online to for a look (and listen) at some of the acts performing this year. $16 for a weekend pass. July 26-28. Held at The Milestone, and various Noda and Plaza-Midwood venues. For a full schedule, visit

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