Corey Feldman's 'Ascension Millenium' video is terrible



Corey Feldman has released a video for his song "Ascension Millenium" and it's terrible - and that's putting it mildly. I think he's trying to pay homage to Michael Jackson, but I'm sure the King of Pop would have knocked that fedora off his head.

Feldman calls it a "silly lol vid," but I'm not sure he thought this many people would be laughing at him. I'm willing to bet this video will easily hit 1 million views before the weekend's over, simply out of disbelief that someone would release it.

He performs with a band in front of a "stadium" where no one is facing the band, he does a half-assed tribute to "Smooth Criminal," he tries to distract with a few lingerie-wearing women and a Goonies-esque appearance by Sean Astin. But let's face it - If the gloves don't fit, your video's shit.

See for yourself:

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