Your Fuzzy Friends at the Milestone tonight (7/5/13)



It's not often bands embrace lyrical creativity with the sort of enthusiasm brought forth by Your Fuzzy Friends - but I guess when puppets are conducting the performances, you can really sing about anything you want. Featuring songs such as "Banana Hammock," "Gay Little Hipster" and "Don't Touch My Mustache," Your Fuzzy Friends is an unabashedly exciting, somewhat vulgar, musical puppeteer act. With lyrics like, "U-N-I-C-O-R-N, I am a unicorn and I'm your friend," set to danceable electronic and new-wave rock, Your Fuzzy Friends keeps crowds simultaneously laughing and moving. According to the band's website, the group specializes in booking "highly inappropriate gigs," so it might be best to leave the kids at home, before they get too chummy with Mono the Unicorn, Quill Prickley or Thomas (pronounced Thomasse). With Robert Childers & the Luciferian Agenda, Blossoms, Andy The Doorbum. $5-$7. July 5, 9 p.m. The Milestone, 3400 Tuckaseegee Road.

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